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Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur and Manager a Comparison

India is a much more developed and positive country than the countries of the Third World and has the potential to lead to entrepreneurship development activities. However, India can benefit from well-documented success experiences in developed countries such as the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom in the areas of job creation and SME promotion. As my thought, the country needs an Entrepreneur only because most of the people in our country are managers. So, we definitely want an Entrepreneur, They take most of the risks better than managers.

  • A manager on the other hand focuses on operational and functional management for a swift workflow and work execution.
  • They have the view that entrepreneurship may develop through education and training.
  • Enterprises need to be innovative for survival and improved performance.
  • Entrepreneurship is a concept of high achievement, which requires the ability to innovate and make decisions at risk.
  • On the other side, if the concept is a success, they will have no rivals and be able to dominate the market.

Instead of giving money to non-profitable organizations they started making small business loans to small food, beverages, and hospitality business in South Boston. Koch believes that he has created job opportunities as well as having developed the long term socio-economic status of the people of S.Boston. Koch isn’t the only example but many other such entrepreneurs have embraced business as an alternative to non-profits for social investment. Entrepreneurs are the founder of any company, innovative ideas can be derived from them so in my point of view, entrepreneurs are the most important part responsible for evolving the business. They are a risk taker and if there is no entrepreneur then there is no value of a manager. Job opportunities can be increased by the entrepreneurs and managers are also existing just because of them.

Basis Difference – Manager and Entrepreneur

In intrapreneurship there is backing from the headquarters so there is less chances of failure. It is in the interest of an organization to encourage intrapreneurs. Personality often will cause you to build your business around your own personal brand.

  • They’re not afraid to learn new things in their business or profession.
  • This gives them enough time to relaunch a product, create new brand lines or start productions for some other company in the same field.
  • An entrepreneur usually works on conceptualising the business idea, gathers funds, and takes on challenges and risks courageously.
  • To establish make in India project we need more innovative ideas which can be provided by them only.

Entrepreneurs swear by intuitive decision-making, while managers rely on calculative decision-making. In India there is an more skillful people as well as young generation which suppose to be taking good accountability for country . We can compare this term with marketting because this is actually a process in which a person earns with the working of his team and a group of his people. An entrepreneur are workplace peers and the social composition of the workplace.

How an Entrepreneurial Mindset is Distinct From Managerial Thinking

With such a thriving community and increasingly ambitious entrepreneurs coming in, we also need to learn from the existing ecosystem on how to succeed in this area. One of the great ways to do that is to take an entrepreneurship certificate program that will give you important knowledge to succeed in this area. Business success depends on the people who work for it. For example, marketing managers need to understand the industry and its customers and plan marketing campaigns accordingly.

  • Enterpreneurs are one who invole in themselves to their vision, innovation, ideas turned into reality in which it will create the job opportunities for peoples.
  • This is one of the significant entrepreneurial risks that entrepreneurs may face.
  • Jim Koch, founder of Samuel Adams reflected on his traditional managerial philanthropies as very uninspiring.
  • Businesses are started or run by individuals who have the same old business idea.
  • As in the beginning entrepreneurs acts as managers and if their company booms and start dealing on large scale, we require mangers for optimizing input cost and increasing profits.

It’s the business venture started by the businessperson to undertake business activities. The one that initiate (the plan /the thought / the concept) and take risk of promoting the business idea. Show that both can make decisions, are good leaders, and can look forward. Both require excellent time management, planning, https://1investing.in/ prioritisation, monitoring of plans, and strong communication in order to succeed in their respective fields. An illustration of a businessman might be a marketing executive. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Pierre Omidyar, Arianna Huffington, and Caterina Fake are a few well-known businessmen or entrepreneurs.

Why we need more entrepreneurs than managers

Creating the process is not enough for the entrepreneur, but an equally important task for him is to manage the business. He does a managerial function from an entrepreneurial point of view. The above mentioned is the concept, that is elucidated in detail about ‘Difference between entrepreneur and manager’ three outside candlestick pattern for the Commerce students. Both modes have their own merits and demerits; here, the students can learn abut the role of entrepreneur and manager. Entrepreneur and manager, these two terms are often used in management parlance, although they sound similar but are different in their functioning.

difference between entrepreneur and manager

From the small choices to big business decisions, they enjoy complete autonomy. Meanwhile, here are some important tips from the Indian entrepreneurial community. They need the power to visualize everything around them and focus it on their goals. Self-discipline basically means mastering your inner self and your inner emotions, creating a sense of responsibility to get the job done, and nurturing your own direction. Vital to its success, however once the business is operational, the method doesn’t finish. Of those risks will be avoided, however some are ineluctable.

Now coming to some of the basic skills that can make you a successful manager can be as follows:

The challenge for start ups is to raise money for their business. To do this, you need a reliable business plan and a strategy for how to enter the market. When start-ups are convinced of the potential success of a venture, they raise money from venture capitalists. Innovation could be a hallmark of some, however not all, entrepreneurs. Fortuitously, it is a reasonably strategic thinking which will be nurtured.

difference between entrepreneur and manager

This article serves as a ready reckoner for the students eager to learn the comparison between entrepreneur vs manager. HSC.co.in is aimed at revolutionising 12th standard education, also known as HSC – Higher Secondary Education for students appearing for 10 +2 exams across all states of India. We provide free study material, 100s of tutorials with worked examples, past papers, tips, tricks for HSC exams, we are creating a digital learning library.

Idea for Enterprise

Therefore, they operate very cautiously, with their eyes solely on profits and the growth of their business. I think we need more entrepreneurs than managers as an entrepreneur can create a more jobs on which we can hire managers to maintain the flow of business. Encouraging entrepreneurship means encouraging more job opportunities. Starting from a small private school to any government sector enterprises such as NTPC enterprises have created jobs in plenty. Good managers are always excited about the company where they are working and they positively communicate to their employees working under them in the company.

I think the need of entrepreneurs are must as well as need of managers. NASSCOM and CII have estimated that if India wants to be a developed country by 2020, it needs to create 10 million jobs. The million-dollar question is how these jobs are going to be created. Still, we want to think about our country where all the peoples are going to the US to settle down their life also we completely depend on the US by providing the only services. We can create a number of the manager if we giving the good training for 6 months about how exactly run the business then he will maintain the business towards success. To create an investment line for the foreign investor as if there are more entrepreneurs foreign investors are willing to invest their money in Indian business so as to create more FDI.

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