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If you like the idea of working with visual designs and bringing them to life, creating a first-class user experience, then you’ll probably enjoy working in the frontend. You can learn more about what these developers do in our full 32 Skills You Need to Become a Good Python Developer developer guide. However, at times a custom software development company will have developers who are proficient with both sides, known as full-stack developers. There are a wide variety of frameworks and languages used to code the application, such as Ruby on Rails, Java, C++/C/C#, Python and PHP. The core concern of back-end developers is in creating applications that can find and deliver data to the front end.

Backend technologies are paramount in the development of day-to-day software projects. Either you are a startup founder, IT head, or a corporate decision-maker, selecting the right backend technology is crucial to determine your project’s success. Your app will still contain frontend code, but it also has to be built using a language that a database can recognize. Some common backend languages are Ruby, PHP, Java, .Net, and Python.


A query language like SQL is great for those who want to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge stored in databases. SQL is great for beginners to learn since it’s a declarative language. A declarative language allows coders to ‘declare’ the results they would like to see, without specifying the steps or process for said result.

What Is the Average Back-End Engineer’s Salary?

Working with AJAX to improve how websites present data and interactive elements while dynamically loading specific server data in the background without reloading the page. We’ve explained that each type of development takes a specific range of skills, implying that the work that goes into the jobs also varies. Many SQL databases are open source, but you may have to pay for some depending on your choice.

Consequently, any questions you may have about this backend language will likely have forum threads and online tutorials dedicated to answering it. So, while you will certainly be coding with back end languages, don’t picture that as being the only thing you’ll do as a back end web developer. In WordPress, the backend of your website is also known as the dashboard or admin area. It allows users who have logged in to your website to configure the website and create content. Once logged in, a user is limited to the tasks they can do by their user role.

  • Keep reading to discover some of the the best back end technologies.
  • Predrag is a very experienced software developer/architect with over 20 years of experience in back-end projects, web applications, and mathematical modeling.
  • Furthermore, it’s essential to explore the unique frameworks, libraries, languages, and databases used for backend and frontend purposes.

In this guide, we’ll unpack the role of the back-end developer in website development. We’ll explain what these developers are responsible for, what their day-to-day looks like, and what skills you’ll need to have a fruitful career in this field. It is used to interact with databases and to create and maintain relational databases. Backend development is done with Python frameworks like Django and Flask. By now, the difference between the frontend and backend should be more evident, as well as the different activities carried by developers that work on both ends of the wire. In practical terms, the frontend means the browser and the backend, the server or, more recently, the cloud.

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Caching is a technique that stores frequently-queried data in a temporary memory. It supplements a primary database by removing unnecessary pressure on it. The web application framework is used to build backend websites using languages like Visual Basic , C#, F#, and more.

Setting up databases to store everything from email contact information to detailed employee profiles, people dating, or products. Testing interfaces and debugging to ensure the user experience is as flawless as possible. That’s because NoSQL utilizes graph databases, pairings, and document logs instead of the basic table storage from SQL. NoSQL has vertically scalable potential, minimizing the need for the highest performance machines. Instead, offering a way to upgrade as the development need comes along and links to other machines if necessary.

Do you enjoy the objectivity of mathematics, the ingenuity behind algorithms, and the idea of figuring out problems that may not have solutions yet? For those types of people, we recommend backend development as a starter. Compared to the national average, states with the lowest paying frontend development jobs are Idaho, Maine, Mississippi, New Mexico, Alabama, South Carolina, and Delaware. Collaborating with product managers and other stakeholders to fully understand the project’s foundation.

There are technologies and knowledge that are common to all web developers, and some that are specific to back-end developers. A back-end application or program supports front-end user services, and interfaces with any required resources. The back-end application may interact directly with the front end or it may be called from an intermediate program that mediates front-end and back-end activities. As a AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification Boot Camp developer, it can be helpful to understand how databases and database caching works.

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There are also full-stack developers, who can work with both front-end and backend technologies. Backend technologies are a combination of servers, applications, and databases. In WordPress, the backend is the administration area of the website that can only be accessed by logged in users. Here, the site owner and their team can create content, install plugins, manage design settings, and more.

  • In front-end development, alternatively called client-side development, developers build user interfaces , and ultimately tailor the visual makeup of the software.
  • Back-end developers typically work with programming languages such as PHP, Python, Go, and new Javascript libraries like Node.
  • Most data and operating syntax are stored and accessed in the back end of a computer system.
  • Programmers are used to working with primitive types in Java & other languages.

In content management systems, the terms frontend and https://topbitcoinnews.org/ may refer to the end-user facing views of the CMS and the administrative views, respectively. In software architecture, there may be many layers between the hardware and end user. The front is an abstraction, simplifying the underlying component by providing a user-friendly interface, while the back usually handles data storage and business logic. There is too much to cover in building websites now that GD would come before front end developer.

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Python is the most widely used programming language by backend developers. It is the most powerful and best multi-purpose language for data analysis and web development. They also create services, components and APIs that encapsulate business logic, solve specific business problems and access infrastructure such as databases, file servers, cloud services and more.

The second tutorial worth checking isBuilding CRUD Operations with JavaScript. Programmers usually misinterpret the concept of middleware while using JavaScript server-side programming. For the last eight years, JavaScript has consecutively won the first position as the most commonly used programming technology in Stack Overflow Annual Surveys. This low-code/no-code option is the best choice if you want to emphasize front-end & core business tasks instead of server-side operations.

C# is a high-level language, so it does not let the programmer interact with the hardware directly. Swing toolkit, which Java is using GUI applications is different as compared to trendy ones. Java doesn’t offer command over garbage collection, and low-level programming support is also missing in Java. Developers rarely consider to include PHP in their skillset nowadays. The tutorialHosting a Javascript App For Freeis useful and details how to efficiently host static pages and use a JavaScript app to sign up users.

Front-end development is the process of turning a mockup or wireframe into a functioning website or web application. The “front-end” is the part that end-users see and interact with — which is a combination of design and user interface elements. Nikola is an experienced software engineer with a strong math and computer science background. Aitizaz is a full-stack engineer with expertise in Ruby on Rails and Java. He is keenly interested in algorithm-level efficiency and has experience working both with front-end and back-end technologies as well as frameworks.

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